Official documentation of React recalls the topic of contexts in the advanced section, but every non-small sized applications use it at the very least with third party libraries. With the release of React version 16.3, the new Context API came out and it has become very easy to use. So why is it considered as a advanced topic? The problem with it is that sometimes it is not clear for which exact case usage of React context fits really well. …

I’ve been working with Redux in different size projects for about 2 years already and during this time I tried and experimented on different things. I have come up with a lot of practices that helped me to rediscover Redux and feel good with it. Here are 7 tips following which would probably make you be happy as I do.

1. Follow FSA (Flux Standard Action) format

Flux standard action requires a redux action to have keys such as type, payload, meta and error. There must not be any other keys inside of an action. …

I was working on a next React and Redux project. Previously when developing projects with React I was working alone, but this time I was a part of a team where everyone had some level of experience on React and Redux. The project was supposed to go to production in a short time.

At the beginning, we decided on redux-thunk as redux middleware, because it is very simple and all of us had experience with it. We developed a RESTful API with endpoints to correspondent tables in our database. After separating tasks, everyone started developing their own modules. Each page…

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